Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Is it time for a change?

Is it time for you to change what you are doing when it comes to your personal finances  ?

  • You have piles of unopened mail?

  • You  have never done a bank reconciliation or do not do bank reconciliations regularly?

  • You are falling short of your financial goals or not saving money?

  • Do get nervous when you hear the word budget?

  • Your  financial paperwork is not in order or   many times are  not  able to find important financial paperwork ?

  • You are not reviewing  bank activity and credit card activity on a regular basis?  

  • You want to  computerize your financial records with personal finance software but don't know where to start?

  • You are  not Paying  bills on time which is causing you  to have late payments or interest charges?

If you answered "yes" to 1 or more of these questions  Maria Smith ,BS - Daily Money Manager at dcs Accounting & Tax says "many times when some of these things are not being done it can cause problems with your finances and anxiety that effects your daily life".  Maria also noted "having a game plan to get these things started is key to change ".

Maria spends time with clients helping them with a game plan and it  really helps give them " Peace of mind" she says, but she says  "follow up with her clients has been key with keeping them accountable with working their plan".

Sometimes clients hire her to take care of some of their financial tasks because she says they "just don't have the time" and other times they hire her to set them up on a plan and meet with her on a regular basis to discuss how they are making changes and where they may be having challenges.   Maria's background is not only been spending the last  5 years in the financial organization field but she also spent over a decade as a social worker.

Maria closed the topic on this note " There is no need to have additional stress added to everyday life if you  know you are working on a  plan to improve your financial house and taking steps to make a change".

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3 tips for getting healthy on a budget

Being healthy is important without our health we can face many difficulties in our day to day living.   One thing I have been doing to keep healthy is exercise for several years and slowly changing bad dietary habits. A few months ago I made the decision to train for a half marathon.  I decided to share my journey with my Facebook friends to hopefully get them motivated to a healthier lifestyle. It may make a better life for them.

One thing I have noticed is how there are many things that are offered to help with weight loss and living healthier. These things can cost lots of money.  Here are 3 tips that I  have followed to keep it within a budget and not break the bank.

1)  Look for groups in your community that are coordinated  through a church , library or other organization for example in our area we have running groups that gather and it is very little cost, many times these events are free to the public.  Our local library has a walking club which is free to patrons of a community.  Be creative get a group of friends together and go for a bike ride or a walk.  Keep it consistent.  Also in the winter months there are free memberships  available in some local communities to their school gyms and pools check out your local communities. Also sign up for a 5K or other race they are available in walks or runs.  It is a great way to help donate to an organization that you are passionate about.  Be careful some 5K's or other races are not run by non-profit organizations.  I always like to support organizations that help others whenever possible and are non-profit.    Make a copy of registration form with your check and keep it for your records and keep it for tax time.  This is a good way to make a difference and get healthy at the same time.

2)  Eating Healthy does not have to cost a lot. One thing I have found extremely beneficial to healthy eating is shopping local at farmers markets, visiting locally owned produce stand or shop or local farms. There is a good choice of produce and very reasonably priced.  I also always try to buy what is in season.    Also one thing I have done is visit local health food stores for more healthy snack options.   Many times they offer items in bulk which can save you some money.   Cutting out sugary drinks, artificial sweeteners, cookies, candy, cake, salty snacks etc... will also save you a good deal of money and will help you feel better.

3)  Clothing and accessories are always a big expense.  Buy at sales.  One local store will send discount % cards and also have a sale that coincides with the discount  this is how I purchase my running/walking shoes.  Shop at the end of the season.  Also for birthday or holiday put sporting good gift cards on your list.   Always look for sales this will save you.   It does not have to cost a lot.  Also one thing that has been a great investment is my GPS watch these can be a little expensive but well worth it, shop sales, check online outlets like eBay.

These are very general.  My hope is that more and more people join in on a healthy lifestyle.  Since I have been putting my  journey out there my hope it will help at least one person to live healthier and know that it can be done on a budget and that they can also have a support system surrounding them.   It may save them from diseases that are brought on by weight and an unhealthy lifestyle.   Set the goal. journal and find a support system it can be the best thing that you do for yourself.  You can do it!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

4 reasons to hire a Certified QuickBooks Proadvisor

1)  When  you do not find your current bookkeeping system adequate  and need to learn a system that will work for you and your business , but you really want make sure you are doing everything correctly.  The advertisements tell you that QuickBooks is easy to use , but do you know the ins and outs of bookkeeping and how it works within the QuickBooks System.   This is where hiring a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor or Advanced Quickbooks ProAdvisor can help. Depending on the level of the business the more complex the business the more skill level of a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor is needed so this is where you may need an Advanced Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor.  This will help you get started with QuickBooks the right way.  

2)  You are currently a QuickBooks user but you are finding that you are having problems or things just don't look right.  This is where hiring an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor may be necessary. There may be some advanced problems that are beyond the scope of the QuickBooks user needed to correct the problems and it may be accounting related and how it needs to be correctly done within the QuickBooks.  This does take the expertise of not just a CPA or other Accounting professional but someone who has Advanced usage of QuickBooks.  It is a winning combo to help you and there is a difference.  

3)  You are not able to keep your  QuickBooks up to date, hiring a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor to help you get caught up or keep you up to date in your QuickBooks can make a difference .  Generally a Certified Quickbook ProAdvisor with a bookkeeping background and a firm where CPA is on staff and available for any questions is a big plus when looking for a professional to take care of your day to day Quickbooks.  

4) You are looking to use a new functionality that is part of your Quickbooks because you find your  business is growing and you need to use some of the features that Quickbooks offers or see if this can be done within QuickBooks.   This is where an Advanced Quickbooks Proadvisor can be of great value they can help problem solve on the best way  specifically tailored to your small business. 

We find at our firm we offer a very unique combination of a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor and an Advanced Quickbooks ProAdvisor that is a CPA that really helps meet the needs of many that we work with on a day to day basis.  We are able to work with all the above situations, many find this to be very well worth the investment of hiring the services of a Certified Proadvisor or  Advanced Certified ProAdvisor.  

Thursday, August 7, 2014

One important task you can do that may help detect a problem with your bank & credit card accounts.

Do you reconcile your bank and credit card accounts at least monthly?

If not why not?

Did you know you can be a victim of identity theft and not even know it if you are not reconciling your bank and credit cards on at very least a monthly basis.    Many times even going as far as checking and reconciling  your accounts on a weekly basis will catch any suspicious activity quicker.   If you use a debit card it may be a good idea to check  and reconcile  it on a daily basis. Yes, I said daily,  because using a debit card puts you at more risk and more problems if someone gets that information because it directly takes funds from your checking or savings account.

What is reconciling your account entail? It is about checking your records with the banks records to make sure the account balance is correct.   It is a good idea to put some time aside for this task or if you do not have time you can have a professional help you. You may be doing it by statements that come to your home or business on a monthly basis or on line through your bank or credit card company.

Some signs that you or someone close to you may need regular help are ,you or a loved one may have piles of unopened mail, may travel frequently or be a part time resident of an area, may travel regularly for work,  paying excessive bank fees for overdrafts,  may  not be able to manage finances because of health issues, divorce or loss of a spouse , these are just a few circumstances. Also many times business owners find they do not have time for this task this is where they may need professional assistance with this task by contracting the service out with a professional bookkeeper which many times they find it is well worth the investment for this service.

What kind of professionals provide this kind of help ?
Daily Money Manager work with individuals these are trained and insured individuals that help with budgeting, bill paying, organizing finances, reconcile accounts, and much more.

Professional Bookkeepers  are well trained individuals that go beyond just data entry many times they are trained to set a business up on a system that makes their business finances  organized which in the long run saves your business money, you will usually find them in a CPA firm or in a professional accounting firm,  they generally are  members of professional organizations and insured.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tax Health Check

Are you waiting to take the next  step when it comes to your taxes for tax year 2014?  Are thinking about tax planning and what moves you need to make by year end.   Are you like the baseball player who is looking at a strategy for their next play?

Many times tax payers think about taxes right at tax time.  The time to be thinking about this is not at tax time but before tax time.  Now that it is  mid year it is a  great time to  evaluate your tax situation for 2014 and ask questions of your CPA or if you don't have a CPA it is a good time to talk to one that you may want to use at tax time.  It is never fun to be surprised at tax time and know you could have had a strategy to help save money.

dcs Accounting & Tax has a mid summer 2014 Tax Health Check Package for New clients
2 hour Consultation
Review of Prior Year Returns
2014 Tax Plan
$250.00 **(savings of $150.00)
***Offer for  New clients and ends August 29, 2014

Photograph by : Lisa Sassarath Boehm, Photographer

Score runs in your small business with these tools

In baseball many times decisions have to be made and players  look for a sign to be clear to run  to the next base, it may be very close taking that chance but it can be worth it in the long run by helping your team score a run.

Sometimes in business you  have to see clearer to score runs in your  business, but you  may not see clear to move to the next base because you  don't keep a proper system for your business finances and business system tools  if you don't know your numbers and other information it is very hard to make it  to the next base to score runs.  

Here are some tools that can help  you with your business finances and systems.

1)  Method CRM - Customer Relationship management is something that is very important to a small business, if there is not a system in place you are taking a chance of not moving along in the sales process with new customers , current customers or past customers.  This App and Program helps sync with your accounting software (ie Quickbooks) to make sure that nothing is missed when staff is communicating with customers and clients.  This is a highly rated program by its users and if your business is looking to grow this is a tool that will help you and your team score with business growth.

2) LivePlan Dashboard and Forecasting -  This is a tool that integrates with Quickbooks to help with Business plans by helping with building  budgets, forecast sales and track performance. This is a tool that is rated high by its users and also a very reasonably priced program.

3) Constant Contact for Quickbooks- FREE App  that syncs with your Quickbooks , create lists for specific target audiences to send specific messages to your customers in that specific list, track open rates etc...

4) Time Tracking by TSheets- Highly rated app makes time tracking with employees less complicated.  Run payroll , billing and invoicing against time tracked.  Time can be recorded mobile time tracking with GPS, see who is working where and on what projects.

5) ZenCash- Accounts Receivable management tool that help you get paid.   This is a great tool if you have clients that owe you money.   To move forward in your business having an account receivable management option to work with those clients that owe you money will help you focus on other things while ZenCash handles this part of your business.

Knowing  that your  current accounting system could have tools added to it,  helps you  make more runs in your  business and it  will move you to  a winning business.

Photo by : Lisa Sassarath Boehm, Photographer

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Where will you be in 5 years?

A question that many often ponder when they are choosing what direction they are going with their career and life.

One decision we made 5 years ago was to open up our accounting office dcs Accounting & Tax Services in Hellertown.  Many times it is hard to leave something that  is comfortable like having a job that you have a regular source of income coming in, to build an accounting practice from ground zero.  Yes we built our practice one account at a time with having no income coming in from a job.   It was a time that tested us but we took it from the standpoint of who can we help next with their accounting and tax needs.

There is fear in going for your dreams, but many times you have to face fear head on to move forward in life. When we were looking for a place for our office it was very exciting but yet difficult to find the right location. We looked for a few weeks and settled on a place on W. Water Street in Hellertown.  We prepared the office in July 2009 by painting, setting up workstations and getting things in order.  Our office officially opened in August of 2009.  It was an exciting time but scary too.  We worked hard to get the business up and running, basically hitting the pavement letting people know about dcs Accounting & Tax.

We decided on services to be offered Income Taxes for individuals and small businesses along with bookkeeping services.  It was a time of getting started and moving forward with growing one account at a time and sharing with people our services.

During the 5 years we have increased our service to serve the entire Lehigh Valley to having accounts throughout the USA.  We both are certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors in traditional Quickbooks and QuickBooks online.   Our CPA David has completed 2 peer reviews which is a major accomplishment for a firm our size and now we have added services of Compilation & Reviews , Non-profit Organization 990 Income Tax Returns. We also do Quickbooks Consultations along with Payroll for small business owners.  We also added a very unique service to our firm and that is Daily Money Management which helps with budgeting, bill paying, form filling out, mail sorting, along with account reconciliation of bank accounts and credit card accounts.  What makes us unique in this service offering, Maria is a  former social worker who worked in Geriatric Social Work for 10+ years along with over 6 + years of business experience this  adds a unique addition to our firm to make us  one of the few firms to have such experience in the Lehigh Valley.

We believe in service to help those in need we have actively helped do fundraisers and drives to help non-profits in the Lehigh Valley and beyond some places we have done this for were Toys for Tots, Robin Hood Foundation, Red Cross of the Lehigh Valley, Hellertown & Saucon Valley Food bank, and Holy Family Manor just to name a few along with contributing to other organizations that are in our immediate community like the Hellertown/Lower Saucon Little League.

We are members of the AICPA and PICPA and also members of Lehigh Valley Aging in Place.

We recently moved in November of 2013 to our new location on Main Street in Hellertown.  We have increased the Square footage of our office space along with the convenience of location with access to I-78.

Thank you for being with us and sharing our services with those you know we appreciate it very much.  Thank you for being there during our journey and our 5 years of serving you.  We will continue to keep adding services to help many in the Lehigh Valley community like more workshops to help individuals and business owners along with more service offerings for non-profit organizations that are in need of accounting Services of a CPA  also we will continue to expand working with individuals looking for tax planning throughout the year.  Thank you very much we look forward to serving you for many more years to come.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Keep swinging until you hit, 3 ways to get your bookkeeping system to be a hit

Many times small business owners start with good intentions of having a bookkeeping system  in their small business so they keep looking for the right fit  for their small business bookkeeping.  They try different software, or methods only to find they just don't stick with it, they just keep swinging but don't get the hit maybe  because of time, lack of interest, not using the correct software or bookkeeping method, or it is just too much work.

Finding  a bookkeeping system to work so it is a hit for your small business can be as simple as 3 steps.

1) Talk to an accounting  professional that has accounting software experience and  who knows a variety of tools that are available and what fits your specific small business needs.  They can provide suggestions, get you set up and be there for you when you have questions.

2) Keep regular contact with your accounting professional on a regular basis they will help coach you , keep you on track, help you problem solve and so much more.  Just like a baseball player has a hitting coach to help them tweak their hitting skills to help them many times business owners need a coach when it comes to their bookkeeping systems.

3) Sometimes in baseball the baseball player has to go back to the minors for sometime because they may be injured and need some extra help. The same holds true with your small business bookkeeping sometimes you need to have your bookkeeping given to a professional to help get it in  better shape , or move you back into the game by hiring a professional bookkeeper to take care of your bookkeeping, which  in the long run can save you money so you can be back in the game doing what you do best growing your business.
We offer bookkeeping packages starting $129.00  we customize what you need and provide a package that fits your budget.  We have a CPA in house for questions that arise and also we are a Certified Intuit Quickbooks ProAdvisor firm.  

When you have a hold of your bookkeeping system you will hit home runs when it comes to growing your small business because you will know where you are at so you know where to focus your time in your business, the numbers can tell you so much.  Make that hit in your small business to move it to the next base so you score a great bookkeeping system.

Photo by  Lisa Sassarath Boehm, Photographer

Public Accounting Professionals and the top 3 reasons why they make a difference

Many times we hear accounting professionals referred to as "bean counters"  or "number cruncher".  In the world of Public Accounting it is more than just numbers.  If you have someone in the Public Accounting arena helping you with your personal or business financial matters then you may know exactly what I am talking about.  You may work with a professional bookkeeper, daily money manager, Enrolled Agent or , Certified Public Accountant just to name a few. What makes these professionals so important in our daily lives?

1) Peace of Mind-  To hire someone who can help you by knowing the latest with tax laws is just the tip of the iceberg.  Public Accounting Professionals  are due date driven so they know what is due and when.  You know things are going to be done and ready but also they will be done correctly and with care.   In our practice this is something we do on a daily basis for our clients, it is a big part of why we do what we do to help our clients have peace of mind.   When we hear "Thank you for all you do"  or " As always thank you for your hard work"  it makes our day as Public Accounting Professionals because it is about the people we serve and their specific needs.  It varies from client to client some things we provide peace of mind with are Preparation of Income Taxes, Financial Reports, Compilations and Reviews, Bill Paying, Small Business bookkeeping & analysis, payroll, sales tax, helping get clients organized financially , and so much more.  You can imagine just from this list the peace of mind we give our clients as public accounting professionals.  

2) Trusted Adviser- We are there as public Accounting professionals to be a sounding board and also if there is something we are not able to help with we can refer to a reliable professional who we have worked with.   Having a trusted adviser is very important because it is someone you know you can email, call or make an appointment with and know they will listen and analyze what the best options would be for you. Those who have this type of relationship with their public accounting professional know that it is worth its weight in gold to have someone there when they need help with various small business issues, personal finance issues and tax questions just to name a few things we work with on a daily basis.

3)  Service Oriented - To be there and create the best way to service a client that meets their needs.  When it comes to service it is not a one size fits all method.   Our clients all have different needs when it comes to service they may want to call in the evening or they may want to call early in the morning, some may want to email and some may want to meet.  We are able to offer the option that meets our clients needs.  This has been a very big thing in our practice.   Also the style in which some tasks are done are tailored to our clients and their needs, for example some clients want vouchers printed for their payments for taxes and others may want to set up an e-pay on a specific date that works for their cash flow but meeting the deadline for date due.  Also some clients require visits and some want to come to our office while other clients we can work with virtually through technology tools.   Service is so important because it is about the people we serve.

So this can very well clear up the notion that it is all about the numbers it is about the people because it is the faces  we see, the people we  talk to and communicate with they all have specific needs and life events that numbers happen to be part of that equation.  

Thursday, July 17, 2014

3 of the most common options for your small business payroll

When it comes time for you to look at payroll for your small business many times small business owners do not know their options before they are given a few sales calls on how they can be helped with their payroll needs.

Here are the most common options for small business payroll

1)  Do it on your own with software to support. Prices vary for software.

2) Work with an Accounting Firm

3) Hire a Payroll Company

Many times owners want to have some control over their payroll  so they may choose option 1 or 2 ,many times they want  everything done for them so  they can focus on building their business they may choose 2 or 3.

In  our practice we see small business owners that we  assist in setting up  payroll software and help the business owner with getting started along with  assisting with their quarterly and annual payroll filings. Also we do have clients who we provide them with all their payroll needs,  they know they  have someone they can reach directly for questions which is a big thing for our payroll clients.

 Many times business owners who need full service  do not have time to utilize computer tools for payroll or they may not be able to be available for a phone appointment that is set, so they need more flexibility offered.   Service is a major factor for some small business payroll clients because it can be  complex to small business owners.

 These are just a few factors that lead a business owner to how they handle their payroll needs for their small business.  There are many other factors to consider when choosing a payroll option so be sure to look closely at all the above options and factors and see what is important to you and your small business needs.


Friday, March 28, 2014

In Business? Got Insurance?

In Business? Got Insurance?

businessownersAs you can tell, being a business owner requires us to wear MANY hats.  Thanks for being adorable, Rita Guthrie of Open Door Public Relations!
As you start out, you’ll find that you’ll end up doing many things yourself.  In the 15 years of Hosfeld Insurance, I’ve found myself doing everything from shoveling snow to scrubbing a toilet.  But there are several things I left to the professionals.  I urge you to do the same.  When you begin, and as you grow, you will value having a team of folks to help guide you.  Make sure you find a great accountant, lawyer and insurance agent.  If your business requires, you may also depend greatly on a computer guru, realtor, and lender.
Don’t even consider opening your door, or beginning to hand out business cards until you have secured the right insurance.  When you begin to do business, you have opened yourself up for risk.  Depending on the business, for as little as $250/year, you may be able to cover that exposure.
General liability insurance will be important so that if you are found legally liable for something, you’ll be protected.  You would not want to handle it from your own pocket, would you?  Even if you don’t have an actual “storefront” where people visit, you may be exposed by the cupcakes you sell, the products you make, the list goes on.
If you have a vehicle used for business, you may wish to consider a commercial auto policy. No big price difference from a personal auto policy, but it may expand coverage for the new exposures you have.
Property coverage may be an option if you have a building to insure or simply your business personal property.  If a loss occurs (fire, theft, hurricane, etc.) would you be financially able to go out and buy all new computers, desks, equipment, and stock?  For very low premium, these things can be covered!
You’ve grown to the point that you need help?  Be careful and cautious and know the legal implications of having an “employee”.  Be especially cognizant of the governmental definitions that clarify when someone is a true employee. Penalties for failure to carry the proper workers compensation insurance can be steep.
Did you know that life insurance should be part of your plan?  If you have a partner, it can be especially important.  Your spouse may not be able to afford a buyout of your portion of the business.  By using life insurance in this way, you can insure that they will be able to do this, leaving your partner free to run the business.  Many times, the surviving spouse would have no desire to be in the business.  This is a way to insure that everyone is placed in the best possible position after you’re gone.
There are many variables.  Every business is different.  Insurance agents can guide you down the path in an objective way.  Find one with whom you are comfortable sharing your concerns, fears and ideas.  Together, you will protect the dream you’ve created.
For a complimentary assessment of your business, please call us at 610-530-0304.  We would love to hear about what makes your dream uniquely yours.
Photo includes local  Lehigh Valley business owners:
  • Carlos Roman, Sting Operation Pest Control
  • Christine Rothdeutsch, AsNeeded.Biz
  • Rita Guthrie, Open Door Public Relations
  • Donna Hosfeld, Hosfeld Insurance, LLC/InsuranceChix.com
  • Ted Laskowski, 1st Patriot Realty/Inspired Home, LLC
  • Rayne Reitnauer, Cold Nose Lodge

Saturday, January 25, 2014

dcs utilizes SmartVault to provide clients with online portal

At dcs Accounting & Tax Services we are always looking for ways to improve our service to you and to ensure you get the information you need when you need it. As a result, we have identified and will be rolling out new technology that supports a streamlined, paperless office, secure file sharing and online document storage using a secure online client portal. With this secure online client portal, you will have real-time access to your documents and files any time, any where, when you need them.
To provide this secure online client portal, we have partnered with SmartVault (www.smartvault.com), an award-winning online document storage and secure file sharing solution. The technology allows us to easily store, view, and exchange files with you using a secure Web-based client portal—offering you any time, any where access to your documents and the assurance that you are always viewing the most current data.
The secure online SmartVault client portal provides the following benefits:
  • Enjoy access to your files any time via the Internet or your Web-enabled mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, etc.) Your data is at your fingertips 24/7.
  • Relax knowing your data is always backed up. SmartVault offers offsite backup of all data and documents stored in the SmartVault Client Portal.
  • Feel confident that you data is always secure. Exchanging files using a client portal is far more secure than email and more convenient than using a CD, USB device, or snail mail. More information about SmartVault’s secure platform is available at http://www.smartvault.com/company/security.php.
The benefits of using the secure SmartVault client portal are numerous, but the single biggest driver that led to our adoption of SmartVault is the solution’s ease of use, which eliminates any need for training.
We align our firm to have the most cutting edge tools to bring to our clients along with making security our top priority.  We know that is something in this day and age that is valued by so many.   

Sunday, January 19, 2014

"The minute you think that you got it made, disaster is just around the corner"

By Guest dcs Accounting & Tax Services  Blogger
Scott Gingold
Computer Troubleshooters of Bethlehem

Talk to anyone who has owned a business for any period of time and this quote from the late Joe Paterno is a clear -cut reality.

As it relates to technology all too often we see businesses who fail to plan for disaster.  The reasons usually include a fear about costs involved to a belief that catastrophe will never happen to them.  As for the expense involved, there are a myriad of options available based on your needs and budget.  The key to success is the vendor asking the right questions (i.e.. how long can you live without access to your data and computers)  to the business owner fully grasping what the loss of its computer systems would mean to the business.

With regard to thinking disasters will never come to your door, please consider some examples of storms that profoundly impacted businesses in our area.

        - Little Lehigh Creek floods in 1993
        - The North American Blizzard of 1996
        - Delaware River Floods in 2004, 2005, and 2006
        - Valentines Day Storm of 2007
        - Halloween Nor'easter in 2011
        - Superstorm Sandy in 2012

Even if your business was not impacted by any of these storms, several times a year I encounter businesses who directly and severely hurt by a broken water pipe, fire, burglary or vandalism. 

Having the right backup and disaster recovery devices and plans is not a luxury but an absolute necessity.  Also please make certain that you have the right insurance coverage in place to cover any losses.

  At Computer Troubleshooters like dcs Accounting & Tax Services, we understand that our role is to be your trusted advisor, not salespeople or order clerks.

Please contact Computer Troubleshooters of Bethlehem for a free, no obligation review of your current systems and needs.  

About Scott Gingold: Scott is a graduate of Rutgers, in NJ business, Management and marketing.  Owner of Computer Troubleshooters of Bethlehem a full service IT company that serves both residential and business customers.
Also Scott is  radio talk show host of Business 101 on WGPA at 11AM on Saturdays from 8AM-9AM listen online at http://wgpasunny1100.com