Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Is cloud based accounting software for you?

When is it time to go to the cloud with your business bookkeeping?  This is a question that is being asked by business owners who are looking at accounting software and seeing offers come to them via mail, email on social media.  The big question is this for you?   

There are more and more options for cloud based accounting software.  They usually charge a monthly fee from $12.95 on up , it depends on what the needs are for your business.    The nice thing about cloud based accounting software, it can go where you go.    It can also be used on your tablet and phone  for those that are on the go.  Also your information is always backed up. If your computer would happen to crash you may  have some problems with retrieving your information if you did not do proper back up on site or in the cloud.   Cloud based software does this for you.  Whenever there are updates to be done they are done automatically no worrying about if you have the updated software or purchase the latest year of software.

Cloud Based Accounting Software is doing amazing things to expand the possibilities to meet the needs of your business and customize to the needs of your business by adding on Apps.  What would cost a business a lot of money for software customized to their needs can now be  done in a budget that  a business owner can appreciate.   

Business owners can appreciate that as long as they keep up  with their books they can look at their numbers  and see important information when it comes to making financial decisions for their business.   Many of these programs allow for connection with their bank or other financial institution for the latest in transactions. Communication is made easier with some cloud based accounting software companies,when you have your bookkeeping up to date and with cloud based accounting you and your CPA can look at your numbers at the same time right from your office.  They can help you with looking at the proper financial reports to help make financial decisions along with  the info they need at tax time.   

One  other nice feature about cloud based accounting software  is they work in different browsers and operating systems so those that may have a Mac Pro can now have an option that can work for them along with those that have traditional windows based computers. 

We provide services to clients looking at options to fit them into the right cloud option for their business. We are trained and certified  in  several cloud based accounting software programs along with several add on Applications.   Also if you do not keep up with your bookkeeping we can help because of our training in these different programs. We can help review to see if you are doing proper bookkeeping,  we can help clear up any confusion or questions.  

 Cloud Based Accounting may or may  not be for you,  that is why  talking to someone who knows the latest when it comes to this ever changing and emerging part of accounting is important because they can customize something to meet your needs and the needs of your business.    

Monday, July 22, 2013

When is it time to get a daily money manager?

Daily Money Management is a service that is still a new concept for many.  When is it time to hire a daily money manager?
Physical challenges brought on by the aging process arthritis, poor vision, inability to follow through on task, difficulty with writing
Newly married
Those that travel frequently
Those that keep a very busy social schedule.
Those that have a career that make it difficult for them to find time to keep up with their own paperwork
Those that need to get back on track with proper organization, budget planing and  financial systems
Those that just graduated from College
New parents

As you can see many different circumstances can lead  people to use a daily money manger.

Our firm offers different packages to help with some of these things so that it is easy for the individual to budget for these services.   Prices Range from $75 to $300 a  month.  Additional add on services not included in the packages are extra along with work that may require being brought up to date and that is by an hourly rate.

We offer :
I "Keep Me Balanced" package it includes (Good)
-Bank Account Reconciliation  1 bank account
-Cloud based personal software
-Quarterly meeting to review finances and budget
-email support

II "Keep Me Balanced and on time"  (Better)
All of the above
-Review Mail
-Pay bills
-Monthly meeting

 III "Keep me Balanced, on time, and organized (Best)
I & II
-Organize paperwork in a system to locate information when needed
-Meet 2x a month

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do you know your numbers?

Many times business owners are wearing many hats and their focus needs to be on developing revenue.  The time they spend in keeping their books is taking away from developing revenue.  Many times they just are not able to keep up with the  bookkeeping.  When this part of their business is not kept up it makes it hard to plan and see where their business is at.   Knowing your numbers at any given time  is really not an option if you want a growing healthy business.

Today many of the tasks can be streamlined and it can be very affordable to outsource this part of your business  to the appropriate professionals without having  to hire an in house bookkeeper .  It is amazing what the cloud is doing to help small business,  if the work is outsourced to a professional they are able to do what is needed , do it correctly and you are able to log in from your home computer or i-pad and see all you need to know at your fingertips.   It is an amazing thing and will only help you and your business move to new levels.  

Also other accounting  tasks can be outsourced   like Accounts payable and Accounts Receivable. Have you ever thought about outsourcing your bookkeeping?  Better yet have you thought about outsourcing  your bookkeeping to someone who can connect you with the latest in technology so you can see things in real time on a 24/7 basis.   dcs Accounting & Tax has these services available to small businesses and also to individuals who want to keep up with their personal finances.  We have done all the work in finding the best technology available to make this possible and along with our knowledge and experience can really help you see the numbers.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Taking Time

We all have things that we  need to take time each day to help keep us feeling optimal.  Taking time to exercise so your physical body feels healthy,  taking time for your spiritual well being, taking time to eat by putting the right foods in your body  and  taking time to keep up with your education and self learning so you have the latest in knowledge.

One other important part to take care of each and every day is your financial self. Financial well being is important from many angles. It answers the financial "what if'" questions. Like am I planning for today, am I planning for tomorrow am I planning for the future ,  what if this would happen am I feeling optimal when it comes to my financial well being.   It really starts with the basics of knowing and organizing the financial part of your life.  When this area is not in order  it tends to make us not feel optimal.  Basic things like are you able to pay bills on time, reconciling your  bank accounts, debt management , organizing your financial paper work, saving money,  setting up a budget, having all the proper insurance that you need in case something would happen , planning when it comes to taxes and legally do you have paperwork in order if something would happen.  These are just a few basic things that should be answered.   Spending time regularly keeping this part of your  life in order  is very  important to your well being.

There is good news when it comes to this part of your life there are professionals that can be hired to help for small businesses there are bookkeepers and CPA's.  When it comes to personal finance there are Daily Money Managers and also CPA's can be hired on a weekly or  monthly basis.   Time seems to be the thing that really can hold someone back from having a healthy regimen when it comes to finances.  Hiring these professionals many times not only save you time but  saves you  money in the long run.   Also helps with a better feeling of Well Being to live a more full life.

About the Author

Maria Smith, BS  is a Daily Money Manager at dcs Accounting & Tax in Hellertown PA.  She is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University with over  a decade of experience in Social work, was a Team Leader to  independent representatives throughout the USA  training and  sales  for a children's publisher for over 7 years  and currently has been in the daily money management field for 4 years ,  she continues to stay cutting edge with the latest in software and cloud based financial tools to help her clients in these ever changing times.  She helps busy professionals,  works with Elders, those going through life changes, and business owners  to mange their financial life by Bookkeeping w/ traditional methods and  in the Cloud, financial  Organization, budgeting and Bill paying.