Monday, December 3, 2012

We all can make a difference

We all have the power to make a difference and give back in our communities.

Many times you will hear friends talk about terrible situations, it always makes me upset to just talk about something and not be able to do something about it.  Although we all have the power to make difference each and everyday.  We may not have millions of dollars to give to a cause or have the popularity many stars have but we all can make a difference. 

When I was in College I joined a service Fraternity. Yes it was a Fraternity and I am female but it was a great organization called Alpha Phi Omega, it really touched so many different people in so many age groups.  We put on Egg hunts for young children, we volunteered to coordinate weekly bingo at a local nursing home and we did so many other things to really make a difference in the local college community. Even when I later pledged a sorority I volunteered to help at Thanksgiving time at a church to help serve meals to those who in need.  

What it taught me in the crucial , most  impressionable time as a young adult more than any college course could teach we all can make a difference.  

After graduation I choose a career path to continue to help the elderly,  those that were chronically ill and those that were affected by Alzheimer's and dementia and other cognitive diseases.  Along with helping the residents, helping the families was also a major factor in my day to day work.  Seeing sadness of those who would not have their family members as they remember and to be able to talk about it to someone who would lend an ear was one of the biggest things  that helped a small thing but such a big thing just listening.  

After my over 10 years in the Geriatric field I spent many years home with my children as a stay at home mom . Then I spent over 5 years volunteering time in a great organization called the MOMS club International where I held offices as President and Area Coordinator to help moms who made the choice to stay home with their children day to day and be able to be part of a group that supported that and also we did much outreach to the community.  Many mothers needed that support being a parent is a job that has no instruction manual.  

Now my focus as a business person working with small business owners and also doing some work in daily money management services, I have made a decision to continue to try to make a difference in a small way.  We help our clients each and every day with things but we wanted to go beyond that.  

On Dec 14th dcs Accounting & Tax will be having a Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Mixer Event to help raise money for the American Red Cross and also to do a food collection for the Hellertown Food Bank.  It will be at our office from 3PM to 6PM. Lots of great prizes will be given away.  We hope to have many attend.  

Also our office is collecting New Unwrapped toys for the Toys for Tots Marine Reserve Program this is our 4th year collecting so feel free to stop by if you wish to make a donation.  

Service to help others is not just a one  day event or only at a certain time of year but it is something we do each and every day.  Small ways by opening the door for someone, feeding a meter, listening to a friend who is having a hard time,  volunteering time, and so much more. Helping others is a lifetime commitment that we all can do each and everyday.