Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Is it time for a change?

Is it time for you to change what you are doing when it comes to your personal finances  ?

  • You have piles of unopened mail?

  • You  have never done a bank reconciliation or do not do bank reconciliations regularly?

  • You are falling short of your financial goals or not saving money?

  • Do get nervous when you hear the word budget?

  • Your  financial paperwork is not in order or   many times are  not  able to find important financial paperwork ?

  • You are not reviewing  bank activity and credit card activity on a regular basis?  

  • You want to  computerize your financial records with personal finance software but don't know where to start?

  • You are  not Paying  bills on time which is causing you  to have late payments or interest charges?

If you answered "yes" to 1 or more of these questions  Maria Smith ,BS - Daily Money Manager at dcs Accounting & Tax says "many times when some of these things are not being done it can cause problems with your finances and anxiety that effects your daily life".  Maria also noted "having a game plan to get these things started is key to change ".

Maria spends time with clients helping them with a game plan and it  really helps give them " Peace of mind" she says, but she says  "follow up with her clients has been key with keeping them accountable with working their plan".

Sometimes clients hire her to take care of some of their financial tasks because she says they "just don't have the time" and other times they hire her to set them up on a plan and meet with her on a regular basis to discuss how they are making changes and where they may be having challenges.   Maria's background is not only been spending the last  5 years in the financial organization field but she also spent over a decade as a social worker.

Maria closed the topic on this note " There is no need to have additional stress added to everyday life if you  know you are working on a  plan to improve your financial house and taking steps to make a change".