Tuesday, January 27, 2015

5 things needed when keeping a Business Mileage Log

This is always a very important thing many people do not realize what they need to record when tracking business mileage.

1)   Date - Be sure to record the date of business travel

2)   Destination- City, Town or area

3)   Business Purpose-  What is the purpose of this travel

4)  Odometer Readings - Start and Stop

5) Total Mileage of this Trip- Total the mileage traveled for this trip

Be sure this is neatly tracked in a journal of choice ie Notebook, journal book

Also there are different apps that can be used that follow IRS Business Mileage log guidelines that can also be used and printed.  

Be sure to keep these records each year in case it ever comes into question by the IRS.  

Also January 1st be sure to record your odometer reading for the start of the year and also Dec 31st record your year end odometer reading.  

Monday, January 26, 2015

3 things to know about QuickBooks Online that will help you distinguish how it is different than the Desktop version.

This question is asked by many everyday.  We are seeing more and more start off or even switch over to QuickBooks Online.   Why ?  Intuit is advertising more on TV, in magazine ads, computer ads and many small business owners are checking it out.

QuickBooks Online has a much different feel than QuickBooks Desktop, it does have some really stand out features that comes with your subscription.

1. What are some of the differences?

  •  Access from anywhere.
  • Cloud based which means it will be backed up even if your computer crashes.
  • Bank feeds that automatically update without having to do the connection yourself each time.
  • Many of the same features that are in   desktop are now in QuickBooks Online.
  •  Ability to easily add on enhancement apps as your business needs inventory, time recording, etc.
  • No worrying about updating or sun setting of the product. Intuit is always making updates because it is cloud based you do not have to do these updates they are automatic. No having to worry about files being corrupted because of windows versions not being updated or QuickBooks not being updated or files getting too large.   No need to update to a newer version like in the desktop version. 
  • Intuit is putting increased resources in improvement in QuickBooks Online to make it the "premier accounting software", It is their latest focus.   

2. Is it important to get training in QuickBooks online?
Absolutely,  it is important to get some kind of training, because if things are not done correctly it can cause problems that will take time to fix later  which may involve working with a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and can cost some money to fix.  The same even holds true for those using the desktop version.  Certified QuickBooks Online  ProAdvisors are even available to work with clients on training. It usually is a good investment to hire someone who knows the latest and is up to date on their certifications in QuickBooks Online because it is different than the desktop version in many ways. Even if you decide to contract out for someone to keep up your QuickBooks , look for a Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor and even better one that has a CPA they are teamed up with  it can help greatly and offer you even more value.  

3. Cost of QuickBooks Online?
Pay monthly, different discounts are available, talk to a Certified Quickbook ProAdvisor about which version is best for you. This is important because they will do a needs assessment and fit you with the best version.   Certified  QuickBooks online ProAdvisors may offer some different  packages for those who want support or want actual work to be done on a monthly basis. It does help to have a  professional looking at your QuickBooks on a monthly basis to be sure it is being done correctly and review the important things you as a business owner should be watching in QuickBooks to help you grow your business.

The best thing is don't go into it alone, talk to a Professional who knows the Online version of QuickBooks and even look for them to be certified.  It does make a difference. The QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor time is worth the financial  investment  because it is an important part of your business. Look at references on LinkedIn and other published references via the web when looking for a Certified ProAdvisor or Certified Online ProAdvisor.  Also see if Online is for you, it is for many small businesses out there but not for all.