Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Payroll and your Business

2012 is going to be a big year of changes that will be taking place for Payroll taxes on the Local Level.

  In PA we have Act 32 which there are changes happening with Act 32. One change is  forms that the employer needs to have filled out by their employees. It is called Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form.  These Forms need to be filled out by all employees and kept on file by the employer.  Whenever you have an employee that moves or  is a new employee this form also needs to be filled out by them.  This form is important because it helps the employer determine the rate of tax that needs to be withheld by a PSD Code and EIT Rate. 

Northampton and Lehigh Counties have two different tax Collection Agencies.
Northampton County now has Keystone Collections Group
Lehigh County now has Berkheimer
You will see correspondence coming from these agencies to employees and employers.  It is best to talk to your CPA or Accountant if you have questions. 

Our firm does offer Payroll Services that are very client centered.  What makes us different is you talk directly to us and when you have a change or question we can make that change with one phone call.  If you have a need for specific reports it is as easy as contacting us directly.  We are very flexible to the needs of the client.  Feel free to contact us directly if you have Questions.  We also do training if wish to take care of Payroll on your own. 

2012 will be a year of changes when it comes to Payroll Taxes are you ready ?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Should I hire a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor this year?

Why should I hire a Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor?

1)  Consulting Program-  A Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor can teach you the correct and most efficient way to use Quickbooks.Also we will help you set up your Quickbooks Program. We also work with Quickbooks for Mac

2)  Accountability Program-  Hire a Quickbooks Pro Advisor for at least one hour a month to sit down with you to help you with questions, problems, and see if you are working with Quickbooks in the most efficent matter.

3)  Monthly Quickbooks  Maintenance Program-  A certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor can help you keep each month up to date and done correctly according to how it should be entered in Quickbooks, it is not just data entry. We make sure your businesses financials are done correctly. At dcs Accounting & Tax our CPA can review reports with you.  With our monthly Quickbooks Maintance Program you will find it to not only help you get your monthly Quickbooks up to date but also give you direction to help you grow your business with monthly reports we provide to you each month for your review. 

The average small business finds our Quickbooks Services to help them with their day to to day business decisions not only to keep them up dated but being a Vital Tool as a small business owner.

Our Prices are very affordable and we work with your budget.