Friday, November 30, 2012

To buy or not to buy

Many business owners are making  decisions on end of the year purchases that may help them with their business.

A common tool that you may see many business owners use is the i-pad

Can the I-pad help me in my business?

Well there are some apps that I will briefly touch upon that can help you with your business

1) Intuit's Paper Trail - This app is a nice way help maximize your deductions.  You can  organize your receipts by capturing them in pictures and allows you to make notes and categorize your expenses
also it allows you to track your mileage and odometer readings and also make notes also you have the ability to back up the info to i- cloud.  Cost of the App - FREE

2) Log Me In-  Great free app to help you work from home and use your office computer to work on some things you may wish to check on if you are not in the office due to weather or illness.
Cost of App - FREE

3)Time Tracker Pro-  Helps you keep track of your time when at a clients or at home working.  Allows for you to enter your time and record your time for projects
Cost of App- FREE

4)Evernote- Great place to keep notes, record ideas , take pictures of ideas when you are out.  Very helpful way to use your I -pad.
Cost of App-FREE

5) Google Translate-  Great way to help you if you need help with translation.  This app you can speak in your home language and get it translated to the language you wish both written and verbal.
Cost of App- FREE

6) Calculator App-  There are a few versions that can be used but a great tool to have as part of your i-pad
Cost of App-FREE

Also a great way to keep your contacts organized once you get that business card from a business contact.

Also the I-pad is a great tool for you to read professional publications since many now are available for you to read on your I-pad.  Great way to stay knowledgable in your field and keep down on the paper flow that comes in and out of your home and office.

These are just a few of the apps that can help you with day to day business and help realize the value of using an I-Pad in your business.   We find our I-pad 2  to have been a great addition as a business tool for us.  We appreciate the fact that it  is easy to use and also the size of the i-pad is large enough to view and work on.  

So if you are wanting to invest in this tool for an end of the year purchase you will find it can do more than many realize and be a valuable tool in day to day business.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Disaster Preparation and Tax Deductions

Some questions you may ask wake of Hurricane Sandy:
  • Can we combine disaster preparation and tax planning?  The answer is YES.
  • How?  One way, if you are a business,  is by accelerating assets/equipment purchased for disaster prevention into 2012. A business  may be able to take advantage of the tax favorable bonus depreciation rules that were extended through 2012 for qualified equipment placed in purchased by December 31, 2012.
  • Businesses can write off half of the cost of qualifying assets put in service this year, a portable generator would definitely qualify... if it was new (original use) when purchased.  
  • Businesses can also expense up to $139,000 of assets put in use by 2012.
Taking advantage of these equipment write offs (some of which expire at year-end) are some of the quickest ways to get prepared for the next event from mother nature and get a tax deduction at the same time.