Monday, July 22, 2013

When is it time to get a daily money manager?

Daily Money Management is a service that is still a new concept for many.  When is it time to hire a daily money manager?
Physical challenges brought on by the aging process arthritis, poor vision, inability to follow through on task, difficulty with writing
Newly married
Those that travel frequently
Those that keep a very busy social schedule.
Those that have a career that make it difficult for them to find time to keep up with their own paperwork
Those that need to get back on track with proper organization, budget planing and  financial systems
Those that just graduated from College
New parents

As you can see many different circumstances can lead  people to use a daily money manger.

Our firm offers different packages to help with some of these things so that it is easy for the individual to budget for these services.   Prices Range from $75 to $300 a  month.  Additional add on services not included in the packages are extra along with work that may require being brought up to date and that is by an hourly rate.

We offer :
I "Keep Me Balanced" package it includes (Good)
-Bank Account Reconciliation  1 bank account
-Cloud based personal software
-Quarterly meeting to review finances and budget
-email support

II "Keep Me Balanced and on time"  (Better)
All of the above
-Review Mail
-Pay bills
-Monthly meeting

 III "Keep me Balanced, on time, and organized (Best)
I & II
-Organize paperwork in a system to locate information when needed
-Meet 2x a month

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