Monday, July 8, 2013

Taking Time

We all have things that we  need to take time each day to help keep us feeling optimal.  Taking time to exercise so your physical body feels healthy,  taking time for your spiritual well being, taking time to eat by putting the right foods in your body  and  taking time to keep up with your education and self learning so you have the latest in knowledge.

One other important part to take care of each and every day is your financial self. Financial well being is important from many angles. It answers the financial "what if'" questions. Like am I planning for today, am I planning for tomorrow am I planning for the future ,  what if this would happen am I feeling optimal when it comes to my financial well being.   It really starts with the basics of knowing and organizing the financial part of your life.  When this area is not in order  it tends to make us not feel optimal.  Basic things like are you able to pay bills on time, reconciling your  bank accounts, debt management , organizing your financial paper work, saving money,  setting up a budget, having all the proper insurance that you need in case something would happen , planning when it comes to taxes and legally do you have paperwork in order if something would happen.  These are just a few basic things that should be answered.   Spending time regularly keeping this part of your  life in order  is very  important to your well being.

There is good news when it comes to this part of your life there are professionals that can be hired to help for small businesses there are bookkeepers and CPA's.  When it comes to personal finance there are Daily Money Managers and also CPA's can be hired on a weekly or  monthly basis.   Time seems to be the thing that really can hold someone back from having a healthy regimen when it comes to finances.  Hiring these professionals many times not only save you time but  saves you  money in the long run.   Also helps with a better feeling of Well Being to live a more full life.

About the Author

Maria Smith, BS  is a Daily Money Manager at dcs Accounting & Tax in Hellertown PA.  She is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University with over  a decade of experience in Social work, was a Team Leader to  independent representatives throughout the USA  training and  sales  for a children's publisher for over 7 years  and currently has been in the daily money management field for 4 years ,  she continues to stay cutting edge with the latest in software and cloud based financial tools to help her clients in these ever changing times.  She helps busy professionals,  works with Elders, those going through life changes, and business owners  to mange their financial life by Bookkeeping w/ traditional methods and  in the Cloud, financial  Organization, budgeting and Bill paying.

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