Monday, July 21, 2014

Public Accounting Professionals and the top 3 reasons why they make a difference

Many times we hear accounting professionals referred to as "bean counters"  or "number cruncher".  In the world of Public Accounting it is more than just numbers.  If you have someone in the Public Accounting arena helping you with your personal or business financial matters then you may know exactly what I am talking about.  You may work with a professional bookkeeper, daily money manager, Enrolled Agent or , Certified Public Accountant just to name a few. What makes these professionals so important in our daily lives?

1) Peace of Mind-  To hire someone who can help you by knowing the latest with tax laws is just the tip of the iceberg.  Public Accounting Professionals  are due date driven so they know what is due and when.  You know things are going to be done and ready but also they will be done correctly and with care.   In our practice this is something we do on a daily basis for our clients, it is a big part of why we do what we do to help our clients have peace of mind.   When we hear "Thank you for all you do"  or " As always thank you for your hard work"  it makes our day as Public Accounting Professionals because it is about the people we serve and their specific needs.  It varies from client to client some things we provide peace of mind with are Preparation of Income Taxes, Financial Reports, Compilations and Reviews, Bill Paying, Small Business bookkeeping & analysis, payroll, sales tax, helping get clients organized financially , and so much more.  You can imagine just from this list the peace of mind we give our clients as public accounting professionals.  

2) Trusted Adviser- We are there as public Accounting professionals to be a sounding board and also if there is something we are not able to help with we can refer to a reliable professional who we have worked with.   Having a trusted adviser is very important because it is someone you know you can email, call or make an appointment with and know they will listen and analyze what the best options would be for you. Those who have this type of relationship with their public accounting professional know that it is worth its weight in gold to have someone there when they need help with various small business issues, personal finance issues and tax questions just to name a few things we work with on a daily basis.

3)  Service Oriented - To be there and create the best way to service a client that meets their needs.  When it comes to service it is not a one size fits all method.   Our clients all have different needs when it comes to service they may want to call in the evening or they may want to call early in the morning, some may want to email and some may want to meet.  We are able to offer the option that meets our clients needs.  This has been a very big thing in our practice.   Also the style in which some tasks are done are tailored to our clients and their needs, for example some clients want vouchers printed for their payments for taxes and others may want to set up an e-pay on a specific date that works for their cash flow but meeting the deadline for date due.  Also some clients require visits and some want to come to our office while other clients we can work with virtually through technology tools.   Service is so important because it is about the people we serve.

So this can very well clear up the notion that it is all about the numbers it is about the people because it is the faces  we see, the people we  talk to and communicate with they all have specific needs and life events that numbers happen to be part of that equation.  

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