Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tax Health Check

Are you waiting to take the next  step when it comes to your taxes for tax year 2014?  Are thinking about tax planning and what moves you need to make by year end.   Are you like the baseball player who is looking at a strategy for their next play?

Many times tax payers think about taxes right at tax time.  The time to be thinking about this is not at tax time but before tax time.  Now that it is  mid year it is a  great time to  evaluate your tax situation for 2014 and ask questions of your CPA or if you don't have a CPA it is a good time to talk to one that you may want to use at tax time.  It is never fun to be surprised at tax time and know you could have had a strategy to help save money.

dcs Accounting & Tax has a mid summer 2014 Tax Health Check Package for New clients
2 hour Consultation
Review of Prior Year Returns
2014 Tax Plan
$250.00 **(savings of $150.00)
***Offer for  New clients and ends August 29, 2014

Photograph by : Lisa Sassarath Boehm, Photographer

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