Monday, July 21, 2014

Keep swinging until you hit, 3 ways to get your bookkeeping system to be a hit

Many times small business owners start with good intentions of having a bookkeeping system  in their small business so they keep looking for the right fit  for their small business bookkeeping.  They try different software, or methods only to find they just don't stick with it, they just keep swinging but don't get the hit maybe  because of time, lack of interest, not using the correct software or bookkeeping method, or it is just too much work.

Finding  a bookkeeping system to work so it is a hit for your small business can be as simple as 3 steps.

1) Talk to an accounting  professional that has accounting software experience and  who knows a variety of tools that are available and what fits your specific small business needs.  They can provide suggestions, get you set up and be there for you when you have questions.

2) Keep regular contact with your accounting professional on a regular basis they will help coach you , keep you on track, help you problem solve and so much more.  Just like a baseball player has a hitting coach to help them tweak their hitting skills to help them many times business owners need a coach when it comes to their bookkeeping systems.

3) Sometimes in baseball the baseball player has to go back to the minors for sometime because they may be injured and need some extra help. The same holds true with your small business bookkeeping sometimes you need to have your bookkeeping given to a professional to help get it in  better shape , or move you back into the game by hiring a professional bookkeeper to take care of your bookkeeping, which  in the long run can save you money so you can be back in the game doing what you do best growing your business.
We offer bookkeeping packages starting $129.00  we customize what you need and provide a package that fits your budget.  We have a CPA in house for questions that arise and also we are a Certified Intuit Quickbooks ProAdvisor firm.  

When you have a hold of your bookkeeping system you will hit home runs when it comes to growing your small business because you will know where you are at so you know where to focus your time in your business, the numbers can tell you so much.  Make that hit in your small business to move it to the next base so you score a great bookkeeping system.

Photo by  Lisa Sassarath Boehm, Photographer

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