Thursday, July 17, 2014

3 of the most common options for your small business payroll

When it comes time for you to look at payroll for your small business many times small business owners do not know their options before they are given a few sales calls on how they can be helped with their payroll needs.

Here are the most common options for small business payroll

1)  Do it on your own with software to support. Prices vary for software.

2) Work with an Accounting Firm

3) Hire a Payroll Company

Many times owners want to have some control over their payroll  so they may choose option 1 or 2 ,many times they want  everything done for them so  they can focus on building their business they may choose 2 or 3.

In  our practice we see small business owners that we  assist in setting up  payroll software and help the business owner with getting started along with  assisting with their quarterly and annual payroll filings. Also we do have clients who we provide them with all their payroll needs,  they know they  have someone they can reach directly for questions which is a big thing for our payroll clients.

 Many times business owners who need full service  do not have time to utilize computer tools for payroll or they may not be able to be available for a phone appointment that is set, so they need more flexibility offered.   Service is a major factor for some small business payroll clients because it can be  complex to small business owners.

 These are just a few factors that lead a business owner to how they handle their payroll needs for their small business.  There are many other factors to consider when choosing a payroll option so be sure to look closely at all the above options and factors and see what is important to you and your small business needs.


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