Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Score runs in your small business with these tools

In baseball many times decisions have to be made and players  look for a sign to be clear to run  to the next base, it may be very close taking that chance but it can be worth it in the long run by helping your team score a run.

Sometimes in business you  have to see clearer to score runs in your  business, but you  may not see clear to move to the next base because you  don't keep a proper system for your business finances and business system tools  if you don't know your numbers and other information it is very hard to make it  to the next base to score runs.  

Here are some tools that can help  you with your business finances and systems.

1)  Method CRM - Customer Relationship management is something that is very important to a small business, if there is not a system in place you are taking a chance of not moving along in the sales process with new customers , current customers or past customers.  This App and Program helps sync with your accounting software (ie Quickbooks) to make sure that nothing is missed when staff is communicating with customers and clients.  This is a highly rated program by its users and if your business is looking to grow this is a tool that will help you and your team score with business growth.

2) LivePlan Dashboard and Forecasting -  This is a tool that integrates with Quickbooks to help with Business plans by helping with building  budgets, forecast sales and track performance. This is a tool that is rated high by its users and also a very reasonably priced program.

3) Constant Contact for Quickbooks- FREE App  that syncs with your Quickbooks , create lists for specific target audiences to send specific messages to your customers in that specific list, track open rates etc...

4) Time Tracking by TSheets- Highly rated app makes time tracking with employees less complicated.  Run payroll , billing and invoicing against time tracked.  Time can be recorded mobile time tracking with GPS, see who is working where and on what projects.

5) ZenCash- Accounts Receivable management tool that help you get paid.   This is a great tool if you have clients that owe you money.   To move forward in your business having an account receivable management option to work with those clients that owe you money will help you focus on other things while ZenCash handles this part of your business.

Knowing  that your  current accounting system could have tools added to it,  helps you  make more runs in your  business and it  will move you to  a winning business.

Photo by : Lisa Sassarath Boehm, Photographer

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