Monday, August 6, 2012

What is a Daily Money Manager ?

Joe is living independently in a Senior Apartment and has no immediate family just a relative that was helping him who now lives in a nursing home.  Joe has trouble with his vision and writing is a bit difficult for him. Joe needs help with his budgeting, bill paying and mail sorting since this is very difficult for him.  His daily money manager visits Joe monthly and discusses his finances, helps pay bills, go over mail received, reminds him  not to  disclose any information when it comes to finances over the phone or if someone comes to his door, also she helps him maintain his budget for daily needs like grocery shopping and personal care items.  His daily money manager also works behind the scenes to monitor his finances and answer any mail requests for him.  Working with a daily money manager gives Joe the ability to know his finances and also make sure that his bills are paid promptly so he can remain in his apartment and to keep up his supplemental insurance and keep his utilities on.  Also his daily money manager makes sure he has enough money for his weekly prescriptions that change weekly and is monitored weekly by a visiting RN.

This is just one example where a daily money manager can be vital in keeping an individual living independently and safely. Maria Smith is Joe's daily money manager at dcs Accounting & Tax  she finds her extensive  experience in Geriatric Social Work  so important when she is working with her clients like Joe.

Daily Money managers also help busy professionals, professionals that may be away for extended period of time, military families, by helping with  bill paying, budgeting, record-keeping, bookkeeping and mail sorting. Also she helps newlyweds set up a budget  and a plan to help them get started with financial direction.

If you wish to learn more about our daily money management Service contact Maria Smith at dcs Accounting & Tax (610)838-1903.

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