Tuesday, August 7, 2012

QuickBooks and Marketing Part 1

When you see the word QuickBooks you usually don't think of the word marketing.  Did you know that Quickbooks is a great tool that helps when it comes to marketing.

Here are just a few tools within Quickbooks 2012 and some you will find in Quickbooks 2011  that can help business owners when it comes to Marketing with your small business.

1) The Lead Center- A great place to go to put information on your lead, look at status of the lead, the lead can be converted to a customer within QuickBooks, also the capability to make notes and have a to do list.

2)  The Calendar - Nice Addition that keeps track of meetings, to do list, bills to be paid , leads to follow up on and so much more

3)  Track a Marketing Campaign- See how much sales a specific marketing campaign brought to your business and it can even be tracked over a specific time period. Great feature to learn about if you are Quickbooks user.

4)  Customer Snapshot-  See what service or product that has been the most popular with a specific customer.  Also important information like sales history and how long  they have been a client.

These are just few of many features that can help you with your marketing efforts.  Have you tried any of these features?

These features work great for small business we currently use all of these features in our firm and really appreciate the results we see from having Quickbooks 2012 with some of these current features.  We also have been sharing how to use these features with our Quickbooks clients.  Learning how to use them effectively and as part of your daily routine can help you greatly and see results that will help you grow your business.

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