Tuesday, June 23, 2015

5 ways to Get Ready , Get Set , Get Organized with your financial life

1) Computerize your finances - A great way to make things organized and automated , also a good way to keep safe because it is so important to monitor your finances on a regular basis. Also makes reconciliation of accounts more manageable.

2)  Create a place in your home just to work on your finances and household paperwork- keep everything centralized. You will find you will keep up with your finances and household paperwork if you have a place in your home that is conducive to keeping you on track with this task. Make it pleasant , neat , organized and comfortable.

3)  Create a system for organizing important paper work - This can be a paper filing system, computerized system or a combination of both. Also incoming and outgoing system of organization. Keeping a handle on important mail vs junk mail is also a big part of keeping a handle on organization of paperwork.

4) Invest in a Shredder this can be a good investment, try to invest in a micro-cut shredder.

5)Consider investing in a safe deposit box or a fire proof lock box to keep permanent important identification cards, certificates, bonds , paperwork , digital pass words and account info.

Many times it may take a professional to  help you  get set up with a computerized way of setting up your finances , what to shred, what to keep, how to set up files , how to set up your personal home office space and plan a space, also helping you with a list of important financial documents that need to be kept safe and accounted for when setting up  a safe place.

Daily Money Managers are a great starting point if you are looking at professionals to help get you set up because they have experience with finances, organization , tax , computerized options for financial organization and a knowledge of what is important when comes to financial paperwork.

Simplifying and organizing your financial life will lead to a much more calmer and stress free lifestyle and worth the investment of your time and also the enlisting of a professional. The investment of a professional may even more important if you are divorced, starting a new career after college graduation, recently widowed, couples that are just in need of  an extra hand and are too busy , seniors who may have problems with vision, medical problems or just need guidance.


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